Building Self Esteem

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Session Length: 50 minutes


Accepted Payment: : Cash, check or credit card. 

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“Once we start basing our self-esteem purely on our performance, our greatest joys in life can start to seem like so much hard work, our pleasure morphing into pain.”  - Kristen Neff in Self-Compassion

Why focus on self-esteem? Your sense of self-esteem is an essential component to how you experience the world. When your self-esteem is high, you are more likely to focus on the positive parts of yourself, more likely to take risks and strive for goals, and more likely to feel confident in your relationships. However, low self-esteem can interfere with your sense of self, your relationships, and even how others experience you. Perhaps you relate to some of the common symptoms of low self-esteem:


  • Self-doubt: You distrust your judgement or feel you are incapable of achievement.

  • Self-judgement: Your negative self-talk is a preemptive strike for what you fear the world will say about you.

  • Lack of assertiveness: It may be difficult for you to identify when and how to set boundaries in relationships.

  • Social isolation: The potential judgement of others take center-stage in your mind, and you avoid those judgement by keeping to yourself.

  • Imposter Syndrome: You fear others will realize you are incapable, and you qualify your accomplishments as being a result of luck or circumstance.

  • Avoidance: To sidestep the potential pain of failure and rejection, you put off doing things that feel risky.

  • Workaholism: On the other hand, your work achievements may give you a temporary boost of confidence that otherwise feels illusive, which leads to your putting excessive energy into your work.


There is no single factor that controls your level of self-esteem. Experiences such as chronic stress, a lack of supportive relationships, and bullying can all affect your sense of self. Oftentimes, our early experiences in childhood and the beliefs we internalized from those experiences greatly influence our self-esteem. Additionally, low self-esteem can often stem from a number of other mental health problems, including anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress. Feeling a lack of control over mental health issues may greatly affect your sense of self and your self-perceived ability to be successful and happy in life. Regardless of the specific causes, it is very normal for a person to experience low self-esteem in some aspect of their life.

My approach to treatment. To treat low self-esteem, I take a “whole person” approach. Your self-esteem is not an isolated part of yourself. It results from the sum of many life experiences, just as it influences how you experience the world. Because there is usually not one root cause to low self-esteem, I am not interested in changing or tweaking specific parts of you. Instead, our work together will focus on growing your capacity for self-compassion and self-acceptance.


To do so, we will focus on building your understanding your internal architecture--that is, the many parts that make up your being and the purpose that each of those parts serves (or has served) in your life. Through deep, personal exploration, we can grow your capacity for self-compassion and lessen the effects of your limiting thoughts and behaviors. In doing so, you will set yourself up for new experiences, relationships and ways of thinking that contribute to a greater sense of self-esteem.   

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