Relationship Therapy

Rate: $100 per session 

Session Length: 50 minutes

Accepted Payment: Cash, check or credit card. 

Please Note: I do not accept insurance, but can provide a detailed receipt that you can submit to your insurance provider if needed. Contact your insurance provider for details regarding your specific policy and out-of-network benefits.  

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Working together

In our work together, we will explore:

  • Intimacy: We will work to strengthen both emotional and physical intimacy. 

  • Patterns:  Therapy provides a space to identify and gain clarity on the patterns of interaction that can become ingrained in a relationship. 

  • Conflict: We will explore how each individual in the couple approaches and seeks to resolve conflict, and I will help you learn how experience conflict more productively. 

  • Trust: You will have the opportunity to rebuild trust and explore old wounds that may have gone unacknowledged. 

  • Companionship: We will explore the friendship that evolves as a part of romantic relationships and explore how to add more enjoyment and fun into your relationship. 

  • Shared meaning: Together, we will work to identify what makes your relationship meaningful and amplify those shared feelings and experiences. 

Relationships offer the potential for connection, love, and mutual support. They can also a context in which we experience or even relive some of our deepest emotional wounds. By participating in relationship therapy, you and your partner can explore both your shared and individual concerns and gain insight into how each of you contributes to the patterns and the success of the relationship. 

Kink & Poly Aware

In my therapy practice, I am knowledgeable of and welcoming to relationships of all shapes and sizes. This includes polyamorous relationships, non-monogamous couples, and all other degrees of openness that a relationship may take on. I am also a kink-aware professional, and I encourage open dialogue about kinks and various sexual preferences in the therapy space.

Let's team up to strength your relationship. 

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