Boundaries & Assertiveness

Rate: $120 per session

Session Length: 50 minutes

Accepted Payment: Cash, check or credit card. 

 Please Note: I do not accept insurance, but can provide a detailed receipt that you can submit to your insurance provider if needed. Contact your insurance provider for details regarding your specific policy and out-of-network benefits.  

Setting boundaries is an essential part of any relationship. When you set a boundary with person in your life, you declare what you value and desire, how you expect to be treated, and what limits you have in that relationship. However, being assertive and setting consistent boundaries can be challenging for a number of reasons.


You may hesitate to set boundaries because you worry about stirring conflict or receiving backlash from others. Additionally, past traumas or other violations of your stated boundaries may have created conflicting ideas about how capable and worthy you are of setting boundaries in relationships. Perhaps experiences with social anxiety make it difficult for you to speak up and assert your needs to others. Alternatively, you may simply be unsure of what your boundaries even are in relationships or what you can/should expect from others. 

Speak Your Needs. 

The reasons to work on setting boundaries and increasing your comfort with being assertive are numerous:

  • Less burnout in your professional life and personal relationships 

  • More relationship satisfaction

  • Higher self-confidence

  • Improved communication skills

  • Less stress and anxiety 

  • Increased time and energy for self-care

  • Less anger and resentment in relationships

  • More consistently having your needs met by those around you

In therapy, you can improve your capacity to set boundaries and work through the roadblocks to your feeling assertive. This process involves first getting clear on your personal values and desires in order to feel confident about what boundaries you want to set with others and yourself and why those boundaries are important to you. You will work to increase your overall self-awareness, especially around your self-care needs and around noticing the early signs of burnout. You may spend time exploring how the boundaries you set affect your sense of satisfaction in relationships and practice assertive communication in the safe space of the therapy room.


A final and especially important component of this work is processing past experiences and traumas. Oftentimes, these negative experiences can impact confidence in setting boundaries and may also impact a person's perceptions about how deserving and able they are to speak their needs in relationships. Gaining clarity around how your experiences have impacted you can be a key step in improving your confidence and assertiveness in relationships today. 

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