Pleased to Meet you.


Welcome! I am happy you are here and am thrilled to share with you about who I am and how I practice therapy. I know the concerns that led you to my website may feel big and perhaps overwhelming. It is my hope that in sharing this little piece of myself, you can begin to imagine how we might join together in relationship to address your concerns and to find meaningful healing for all the parts of you that need it. 

The Basics

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Gender and Sexuality Studies from Northwestern University, and I earned my Master's degree in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin.In my practice, I see individual adults and couples, as well as teens and families. I have a strong passion for working with adult survivors of childhood trauma, with a focus on fostering emotional resilience and building healthy relationships in adulthood. I also love working with people on building self-esteem and setting boundaries.


In my spare time, I am an avid roller skater and an even more avid home chef. My approach to life is playful and creative, and I strive to bring that same mindset to my work as a therapist.

My philosophy

At the core of my professional philosophy, I believe that therapy is both an experience and a relationship. It is through the felt experience of being truly seen and understood by another individual that we humans are able to gain insight and an altered sense of self. As a therapist, I hold sacred the task of joining my clients in relationship by creating safe and loving environment that allows for self-inquiry and for exploration of the many parts that make up our beings.

I hold a balance of compassion and intellectual curiosity as I join with my clients in the journey of self-inquiry that therapy encompasses. I enjoy bringing humor and lightheartedness into my work, and I approach my work with clients in a collaborative and greatly respectful manner. I believe that each individual and family brings to therapy everything that they already need to make change, and it is my privilege to help you discover those parts of yourself that may lie deep within.

To work with me, contact (512) 537-3618 or email

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